Coins and History

How Coins can be Used to Show the History of Civilizations

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There is nothing more fascinating than collecting coins, all history is summed up in them... they are the story of humanity.
W.H. Valentine, (1856-1927)

This site attempts to link coins to the history surrounding them. Coins of certain countries are listed and what facts known about their striking or casting are explained. When the pedigree or story of how the coin was acquired is of interest, this is listed.

Areas covered: add page saying why not just Greek but "Pre & Contemporary Civs. And delineating my 3 periods of Ancient "Greek" civs.

Ancients We would like classify the regions and periods issuing coins rather than the traditional listing of Greek & Roman. Hopefully this can lead to a better understanding of how to link the coins and Kingdoms, Empires, City-States, Republics, and Peoples making them.

Latin America The early Independent Nations era is the period from the proclamations of Independence (1810) until about 1860. A few significant Spanish colonial issues are included. Because of Brazil’s unique history, almost the entire period of Brazilian /Portuguese coinage is covered (1693 - present).