POLISH Thalers

Pictures of collectable Polish coins

I don't believe these old Polish Thalers are particularly desireable or "hot items" (except for the Fire Thaler) as I never see them offered in coin stores.

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Siege or Fire Thaler of Thorn 1629

(Gorny & Mosch Auctions, Munich, Germany, 2002)


This coin was one of the first things made when the mint reopened [ref?] and shows the City on fire with soldiers from the beseiging army across the river. The reverse bears the date Feb. 16, 1629.

I'd like to get one in better condition so as to see more details.


This coin was issued to commemorate the defense of the Polish city of Thorn against invading Swedish forces. The main assault on the city was made on February 16th, 1629 and although ultimately unsuccessful, the Swedes did manage to set part of the city on fire.


Thaler of Ladislawitz IV, 1634
(bought as AU but probably much nicer)
Karl Stephens, Fallbrook, CA, 1997-1998

Lad-4 actually was fat with a double chin. He made 2 kinds of thalers: a life-like realistic thaler & a fanatsy portrait. This one is the more common fantasy portrait.

Ladislawitz IV was King of Poland from 1632 - 1648. Poland was really ruled by a group of Magnates & the King had very little power. Thus Poland was unable to raise a strong central army to defend itself & was readily invaded by anyone who wanted to invade: except for the Turks. The country would become unified to fight off the Muslem Turks but that was about it.

Thaler of Stanley (Stanislaus II August Poniatowski) 1766, mint state
(H. Karolkiewicz: Triton IV auction)

This thaler type was only made in 1766.

Stanley was King from 1764 - 1795 & was not "August" at all. He was the lover of Catherine, Zarina of Russia & probably hoped to get something over there. However, it didn't work out & he ended up (I think) in prison for a while & then got sent to Poland as King. This thaler type was only made in 1766.