Ancient Classical Era Coins
480 - 323 BC

This encompasses ancient Greek cities and Empires

The Classical Era can be defined as the high point of artistic tradition and culture. This period is followed by the Hellenistic Era which is age following Alexander the Great (died 323 BC).

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Athens silver tetradrachm
454 - 413 BC
Stack's NYICS Auction, Jan 5th, 2012, lot# 213
The Numismatic Auction Ltd, Tradart, auction 2,
Dec 12, 1983, NY (USA), lot# 109
These were trade coins. Typically these were issued from 449 - 413 BC, however this one was erroniously described as struck from 480 BC: slightly earlier.

Phoenician city of Sidon
silver Dishekel also called an Octadrachm
King Abdashtart (Straton) I
reigned 365-352 BC ?
(27mm, est wt 25.5 g), dated royal year 2 (362 - 361 BC)

Archaic Era
Hellenistic Greek
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