Ancient Hellenistic Era Coins
323 - 30 BC

This encompasses the Hellenistic Era, from the death of Alexander III until the conquest of the last of the Greek Kingdoms by Rome.

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Tom Cederlind Auctions,
22 May, 2014, lot# 111

While on-line charts seem to indicate this is Ptolemy III, I've been advised that the consensus of research indicates Ptolemy II. Also the size and weight of these is supposedly unusual at 98.1 grams. Ptolemaic bronzes at 67 grams and lighter are among the most common and inexpensive of large module ancient coins.

The circular pit in the coin center was used for machining purposes of the cast planchlets but unlike the Aes Grave series, these were struck coins. There are several excellent sites devoted just to Ptolemaic bronzes:

Unfortunately Tom Cederlind passed away. He was a very knowledgeable ancient coin dealer and unlike most, he liked to talk to collectors about coins.

Ancient Egypt was conquered and incorporated into the Persian Empire. They rebelled against Persian rule in 404 BC, although ultimately had to wait for Alexander of Macedon before gaining some degree of independence. They became independent until conquered again by the Romans ~30 BC. These large bronze coins were struck while they were an independent nation.

Egypt Ptolemy V, tetradrachm
Phoenician mint, 26mm, 13.99 g
Ed Waddell, Aug 2017
ex Numismatic Fine Arts (Beverly Hills),
Auction 16, NY, 1985, lot 292

Ed Waddell's website

historical comments

Egypt Ptolemy VIII,
AE 1/2 drachm
43mm, 38.63 g
Leu Numismatik, Auction #4, May 2009

Alexander III {The Great}
mint of Susa


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