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289 BC - 30 BC

The Normal Republican Period 289 - 100 BC

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Aes Grave: Roma Head
rev: Wheel of 6 spokes
Cast bronze As
dia ~-- mm, wt ~ 276.94 g
269 - 240 B.C.E.
Gorny & Mosch auction 257, 2018, lot# 632
Gorny & Mosch auction 215, 2013, lot# 3

one of the earlier Aes Grave types.

later it became

Aes Grave: Janus Head /Galley Prow
semi-libral Cast bronze As
dia ~63 mm, wt ~ 258 g
225 - 217 B.C.E.
Artemide Aste auction 37,
July 11-12,   2012, lot# 102

This is a large leaded bronze coin which was CAST by the Roman Republic just before the 2nd Punic War. They are known as Aes Grave or Heavy Bronze. A Roman pound was originally 273 g and this piece represents a reduction in weight from that. This is the Vecchi (Italian Cast Coinage, 1979, Bradbury K. Thurlow & Italo G. Vecchi, Hardcover) type 51, Janus Head / Prow of Galley with horizontal bar (mark of denomination) obverse.

This is the most common type of Cast Aes Grave with a known population of 1198 pcs (as of 1979) with a further ~600 similar pcs but without the bars of denomination. Recorded weight range for these is 240.3-290 g*

For more info on the weights of these see Historia Numorum  On-Line. For knowledge of these pieces I strongly recommend the "Italian Cast Coinage" book by Thurlow and Vecchi, 1979. It illustrates the different types, weights, when they were made, and lists a table of known specimens thereby giving some guide to relative rarity.


Silver Quadrigatus
Janus Head ca 225 B.C.
(Numismatic Fine Arts, auction XX, lot# 5, 1989
wt = 6.685 g These were struck to the Greek standard of a didrachm before the advent of the denarius.

Tarpia buried by shields

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