Coins and History

How Coins can be used to show the history of Civilizations

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This site is devoted to coins and the history surrounding them. There are certain coins which are famous among collectors. This site attempts to illustrate these and the history behind them. We can also work backwards; looking at significant historical periods and learning about the coins made then. Finally coins themselves can have their own histories. Sometimes a coin can be rare enough to have it’s own pedigree. Sometimes a relatively common coin can have it’s own special pedigrees such as the ancient coins owned by Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the US.

This site gets photos of coins and attempts to match them up to their histories and pedigrees. If you’d like to add your coin, please write and we’ll try to accommodate it. We need good quality photos though. Eventually a database can be used to link coins and their pedigrees and histories.

Areas covered:

  • Ancient Coins: Pre Roman Civilizations: Greek States, Egypt, Carthage, Persian Empire, Rome and Carthage.
  • Early Independent Countries of Latin America & Brazil (Brasil).
  • France
  • Poland

Generally this is the period from the proclamations of Independence (1810) until about 1860. A few significant Spanish colonial issues are included. Because of Brazil’s unique history, the entire period of Brazilian /Portuguese coinage is covered (1695- present). There will be a large section on conservation methods and perhaps on coin grading and storage.

We request that this be limited to coins you own and are somewhat historically significant. Also we'll need relatively decent photos of the coin. The forum will be interactive where you can add, & modify comments. There will be anonymous user login but no charges, or premium memberships. The purpose will be to extend, as far as possible, a "what if my coin could talk" scenario.