Roman Coins; Military Crisis of the 3rd Century

Part II, The Breakup into 3 Separate Empires

At this time the Roman Empire fractured into 3 pieces

The regular Roman Empire with Gallienus, then Claudius II as Emperors
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Rome Crisis I Military
The Tetarchy of Diocletian
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Gallienus r. 253 - 268 A.D.
antoninianus, bronze with silver wash bought at a coin show, 1989

Gallienus reigned from 253 - 268 A.D.
wt= 3.339 g

The antoninianus is a double denarius as evidenced by the spiked crown. This coin appears to be very low grade silver but I understand they are bronze with a thin silver surface coating. During this period the antoninianus declined from 20% to 4% silver. This one appears on the outside to be about 10% silver but may be less overall.

go to to see a detailed writeup on the Roman antoninianus.

go to to see a website dedicated to the coins (almost entirely antoninianii) of Gallienus.

The Sucessionist Gallic Empire [Wikipaedia]

From 260 to 271 AD the NorthWest Roman Empire including Britain, Gaul, and Germania, and parts of Hispania were controlled by a rebel Emperor. This Separatist Gallic Empire was created by the general Postumus in command of Britain. The Gallic Emperors were: Postumus, Marius (just a short period), Victorinus, and Tetricus I and II.

Emperor 260 - 269 AD
double sestersius, bronze
CNG auction, ca. summer 2013
These pieces are quite common but have a huge range in weight. The exact denomination may be uncertain as one can find very heavy pieces as well as lighter ones where Postumus' Bust has the crown denoting a double denomination. I believe there is also a partially silver? denarius showing Postumus with a bare head but these are very expensive.

weight ~ 20 g ?

Emperor 269 - 271 AD
Frank S. Robinson fixed price list, c.1979 $15.

photo by Jeff Knee, weight = 1.680 g described in the 70's as crudely made but with much orginal red on surfaces. probably described as mint state today

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Sucessionist Palmyrene Empire

Zenobia & her son Valabanthus led the Palmyrene Empire

Restored Roman Empire

Claudius II   r. 268 - 270 A.D.
AE 42   medallion of Cyzicus Goldberg's auction, August, 2012
previously their auction in May, 2012
previously Gorney & Mosch, 2011, lot 2139

published wt is 49.06g from Goldberg's, I'll have to weigh it to make sure I wasn't cheated out of some bronze. AE medallion from Kyzikos (Cyzicus) obv Claudius II
rev Helios (the sun god) in a quadriga

Claudius II (Gothicus)was Caesar from 268 - 270 AD

Probus r. 276 - 282 AD
Photo taken with inside lighting. Coin actually appears silver on the outside.

wt= 4.097g
Probus (also Gothicus) was Emperor from 276 - 282 AD.

Rome Crisis I Military
The Tetarchy of Diocletian
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