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Also all the headers.    -h3

Adopted methods appear in boxes -- sometimes! -h4

Using table layout rather than side menus -h5
maybe also want to test imagemaps -h6
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This website was originally written by me in html and worked. People told me that it was very simple but crude. Thus I had it reprogrammed into WordPress. To assist me with some parts, I hired a WordPress expert to help. He got the index page into WordPress but the rest of the site was still HTML linked into the WordPress.

This is Dalek PinPoint font, but I guess it's only upper case?
I got it from: 1001fonts.com

This is an author note
coin pix width=220 coin comments width=360 historical comments width=340
S-2940; KM-239.2; N-2398; Brooker-860. h6

Stack's: Anaheim, CA, 10 Aug 2016, lot# 20574
(ex-The Rye Collection)
2 part Flexbox

3 part Flexbox
AB Nav- %
England, Oliver Cromwell (Karl Stephens ca. 1990)
AB Nav- fixed


AB Nav- working Technically this is not an English Civil War period issue.

Greek CSS testing Page
Greek test

Roman CSS testing Page

Roman test
H5 inside of p causes uses both H5 & big 1st lltr
Nothing here

old Tetarchy pg
301 redirect posted misspelled page

Depreciated Nothing here
04 works! 05 Div span 1st word 06 Divs: Span 1st word
SlideShow in divs
Orig Crossfade of Images in a div with a js
images loaded from html page
by Eyelyn from StackOverflow.

SlideShow rev#2 in divs
current code by Osei
Use this one for Home & all bkgd slide show images

nothing here
Slideshow Colombian pg
Not working, unable to format bkgd to full size
Images in a div with js, no Fade
still nothing
Images in a div with js, no Fade
SlideShow Not working with Background
Uses a Javascript fcn for querySelectorAll
from-- CodePen
Background CF

Backgrounds with CrossFade from SO by noob
Background CF rev

Backgrounds with CrossFade from SO by noob
try w/ z-index
Sound on Hover 4 Sound Index doesnt work As you can tell, I found that sounds on webpages are frowned upon.
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