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This website was originally written by me in html and worked. People told me that it was very simple but crude. Thus I had it reprogrammed into WordPress. To assist me with some parts, I hired a WordPress expert to help. He got the index page into WordPress but the rest of the site was still HTML linked into the WordPress.

This is Dalek PinPoint font, but I guess it's only upper case?
I got it from: 1001fonts.com

This is an author note
coin pix width=220 coin comments width=360 historical comments width=340
S-2940; KM-239.2; N-2398; Brooker-860. h6

Stack's: Anaheim, CA, 10 Aug 2016, lot# 20574
(ex-The Rye Collection)

2 part Flexbox

3 part Flexbox
AB Nav- %

England, Oliver Cromwell (Karl Stephens ca. 1990)

AB Nav- fixed


AB Nav- working

Technically this is not an English Civil War period issue.

SlideShow working with Background

Uses a Javascript fcn for querySelectorAll
from-- CodePen

Nothing here

Greek CSS testing Page
Greek test
Roman CSS testing Page
Roman test
Nothing here
old Tetarchy pg
301 redirect needed

Nothing here

04 works! 05 Div span 1st word 06 Divs: Span 1st word
Sound on Hover 4 Sound Index doesnt work As you can tell, I found that sounds on webpages is frowned upon.

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