Gold Coins of Colombia

Colombia was the old spanish colonial principal place for minting gold. That's why their Colonial gold is even cheaper than that of Mexico and their Republican gold is so readily available.

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Latin America were Spanish Colonies until they rebelled & achieved Independence from ~1810 - 1820's.
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Colombian Silver Coins
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Colombia, 8 escudos, 1828
(Spinks: London)

Colombia underwent many name changes and changes in territory. At the time this coin was issued it was Gran Colombia which broke up in 1830 forming New Granada (Colombia), Ecuador, & Venezuela.

Early Republic: New Granada, 16 Pesos, 1838
almost uncirculated
(XXXX Auction, Paris, 2004)

I also have a fully ms one of these, an 1845 or 46 Popyan bought from M.L. Teller. Also a ms silver dollar (8R) issued around the same time, bought from the above dealer at the New York International (NYI) coin show.

Republic, 2 Pesos, 1871 Medallin
uncirculated (NCG-64)
(Bob Steinberg, 2004)


I need to get one of those very common 10P's of these. These are usally dated 1857 or 58 but frequently have planchlet problems such as laminations: amking them unattractive. 

Republic 20 Pesos
1869/8, almost uncirculated (PCGS-58)
(Stack's Auction: 2004)

other side

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Colombian Silver Coins
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