Coins of Nicaragua

some of the early coins of the country

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Emperor 284 - 305 AD
nummus, bronze with silvered surfaces
CNG fixed price list, 1989

Nummus or Follis? This coin was also referred to as a follis. Recent research indicates that they are more properly call a nummus. Follis was used in past literature and most people are familiar with the follis designation .
weight= 10.429 g
unc with much original silvering on surfaces (as described by CNG).

There is an extensive discussion of Tetrarchy-era folles on Coin Talk:
Roman Nummi (folli) of the Late 3rd - Early 4th Century

Another thread on the same forum illustrates the history of the Tetarchy nicely:
Diocletian: Two Interesting Coins and a Legacy of Reform

Emperor 307 - 337 AD
nummus or follis, struck 307 AD
Leu Numismatik, 4, #741
26mm dia, weight= 7.24 g

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