Coins of Rome's Golden Age, the Adoptive Emperors

This is the 2nd century AD when the best emperors were chosen by adoption of the previous emperor. It's known as the Adoptive Era.
This Golden Age ends with the Ascention of Commodus in 180 AD

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Rome Flavian Dynasty
Rome: Military Crisis of the 3rd Century
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Antonius Pius r. 138 - 161 AD
bronze As
Terry Nix coll.
Antoninus Pius bronze As, rev Britannia Seated with a fully spelled out
"BRITANNIA" above.
"BRITANNIA COS. IIII SC", Sear 1188, struck 154 - Feb 155 AD

weight ----

Marcus Aurelius r. 161 - 180 AD
AE 36 of Amasya Pontes?
struck 163/164 AD
rev: M.Aurelius with Lucius Verus
Nick Economopolus

weight 21.947 g

Commodus r. 180 - 192 AD
bronze As showing Commodus wearing the Lion Skin headress of Hercules
purchased from Terry Nix, Houston, TX

Commodus, son of Marcus Aurelius

The deified Commodus: (obv)

Debased (40%) silver antoninianus issued by Trajan Decius as part of a set of 12 commorative antoninainii. Commodus was the only "bad Emperor" in the group.

Note that the antoninianus was 1st issued during the reign of Caracalla in 215 AD. Thus an antoninianus of Commodus had to have been issued postumusly. This coin appears to be silver throughout, unlike my latter issues which appear to be just silver plated.

Didius Julianus r. 193 A.D.
abt extremely fine Heritage auctions 2011
text -----
Rome Flavian Dynasty
Rome: Military Crisis of the 3rd Century
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