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Here are pictures of more modern and readily obtainable Peruvian Republican coins.

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50 Centavos  1859&nbsp YB

(Heritage Auctions, May, 2009)


Transitional Coinage 1858 - 1863

A law of 1857 authorized the issuance of regular fine coinage to supplant the Bolivian Monedas Feble infesting the country. The 1st design, a standing Liberty of 1858 was considered too simple to deter counterfeiting.

In early 1858 the price of silver was 9 pesos 6 reales per mark (wt of silver bullion) but in the latter half of the year the price of silver rose considerably above what the Government was willing to pay. H.P. Flatt writes "All of the seated Liberty 50 Centavos are relatively scarce..." However the price in Krause is only $145. for mint state and this specimen was only $65. (not incl. comm) at a major auction in 2009.
Also I have begun to specialize in coins with fingerprints.


Un Sol  1869&nbsp
(Alex Seigle, Houston)


5 Pesteas  1880 
select uncirculated
(Karl Stephens)

col 3 end 1880 5P

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