Spanish Colonial Coins

It seems the coin market is becoming divided between perfectly nice, attractive looking collector coins, and "investor coins" which have very high prices. Some very nice collector coins are selling inexpensively -- as of 2011.

I've decided to also illustrate my small batch of Colonial Coins also which I bought [mainly] in the 1990's.

I've had much better luck buying new coins in 2007 & 08 strangely enough.

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Latam Map &nbsp &nbsp Mexico Early Republic

Latam Map &nbsp &nbsp Mexico Early Republic

Mexico, 1/2 reale, 1752
Philip V (1700-1746)
P/L choice uncirculated
(Alex Siegel/Mike Dunigan, Houston, 1997)

once again my photographic skills are inadequate for photgraphing small coins

row 1 col 3 text

Mexico, 1 reale, 1751
Philip VI (1746-17xx)
choice uncirculated
(Alex Siegel/Mike Dunigan, Houston, 1997)


Mexico, 2 reales, 1746 Mo
Philip V, (1700-46)   



Philip VI, Mexico, 8 reales, 1759
(, New York, 19xx)

Std. pillar dollar

Charles III, Mexico, 2 reales, 1781
choice uncirculated
but with die flaw on date
(Alex Siegel, Houston, c. 1999)

When I was young I acquired 2 of these 2 reales (1789 & 1801), both worn flat. Each one was less than a dollar so I wasn't too unhappy. I thought one day it'd be nice to see what they were supposed to look like. Thus when I grew up I bought some of 'em in mint state. In the 1990's they were still pretty cheap (but more than $1).
2 bits

Charles III, Mexico, 8 reales, 1779
gem brilliant uncirculated
(Alex Siegel: Houston, TX)

Charles IV, Mexico, 1 reale 1800
(Alex Siegel: Houston, TX)

Charles 4th was not the world's fastest King. He got captured along with his wife, & heir to the throne: Ferdinand VII, when Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Spain. He then abdicated in 1808 in favor of his son Ferdinand VII.

Colonial Peru
8R, 1808,  almost uncirculated

Charles IV abdicated in favor of his son Ferdinand VII in 1808. Normally a transitional portrait would be used on the coinage: e.g. the portrait of the previous King with the titles of the new King, at least until the countries could discover what the King looked like. See the following&nbsp &nbsp for an example.

The Regency of Peru, however, decided to place a portrait of an obviously Peruvian Indian on their coinage with the title of Ferdinand VII. A different Peruvian Indian was used in 1809 & 1810

Ferdinand VII, Armoured Bust
One Reale 1809 &nbsp &nbsp uncirculated
(Alex Siegel: Houston, TX)

weight= 3.347 g
Krause catalog wt= 3.38 g

For Xmas I got a new digital weighing scale and will now be weighing all unslabbed coins.

Ferdinand VII, Draped Bust
Two Reales 1821 &nbsp &nbsp uncirculated
(Alex Siegel: Houston, TX)

In this year (1821) a trusted Royalist Colonel, Augustin Iturbide, issued a plan or proclamation of the "3 Guarantees", promising Independence for Mexico.

Ferdinand VII, half reale 1824
ms, NGC-64
(Paul Kron: , FL)

Next to the last year the colonial coins were issued. In this year (1824) the last major Spanish army was defeated in the battle of Ayuchucho.

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