Coins of Guatemala

The Central American Repbulic

Here are pictures of readily obtainable Guatemalan & CA Republican coins.

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Guatemalan Republic,
Peso, 1870, sel. uncirculated
(Karl Stephens, CA)

Guatemalan Republic,
Peso, 1894, uncirculated
(Alex Seigel)

Can you believe this piece is actually much cheaper than the later type, the Quetzel issued in 1925, in ms.

I actually received on approval a 1 (one) Quetzel piece which I'd estimate to be an original MS-65. Unfortunately the coin had been dropped and received a rim bruise.

Quetzel, 1925

Quetzal Problems!!! Actually I've bought 2 Quetzals but returned both of them. I bought one in an NGC-58 slab which was actually an unc coin (possibly a 64) BUT the coin had been dropped giving it a nasty rim bang, undescribed on the holder. A second Quetzal was bought at auction but upon receiving it, discovered that the coin was acid dipped. This stripped away surface metal in some places, leaving a dark copper underlayer. It appeared to be just toning from the pix. Fortunately the auction company took it back.

Krause states that out of an original mintage of 10,000 soon after issue 7,000 were withdrawn & melted and more were melted in 1932.

I believe the fineness is a bit low .720 fine silver.

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