The Central American Republic 1823-1839/40 & 1842-47

Republic of Central America Coin Samples

There were 5 countries comprising the Central American Republic: Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, & Salvadore. The flags of these countries today are characterized by having a blue band above & below symbolizing the two oceans.

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Central America Map
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8 reales, 1824 NG = Guatemala
choice uncirculated

(Don Canaparo, NYIC, ca 2000)

This is the 2nd year of the Republic but the 1st year of coinage issue.

The coin obverse design shows 5 mountains, each representing one of the nations in the Central American Republic.

8 reales, 1846/2 NG = Guatemala
(Alex Siegel: Houston, TX)

I was told (Lou H.) that the latter CAR 8 reales were more poorly made than the earlier issues. Certainly there are a lot more overdates from this era.

This is the penultimate issue.

There was an attempt to restart the Central American Republic in 1842. Perhaps they had many 1842 dies sitting around when it came to 1846 so they just recycled them. As you can see there is some evidence of die distintegration on the 1st mountain on the obverse. Ceretainly by 1846 there were few resources for making new coins or dies. Why the 1847 is so common is a good question however.

2 Escudos, 1825 NG
graded EXF condition

bought from a French company

These 2E's are not particularly rare even in higher grades. The 8E's are available but usually get quite expensive in high grade.

Central America Map
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