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Non Roman Ancient Links

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Paper on early electrum coinage purities
The Electrum Coinage of Samos in the Light of a Recent Hoard3.415 MB
Dr. Rudolf Habelt, Bonn, Germany, exact pub date unknown but after 2004

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Athenian Tetradrachma

Athenian Tetradrachms
by Reid Goldworthy, USA, publ. date unknown. His classic article on these pieces.

Cointalk Discussion on Athenian owls

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Kingdom of Bosporous

Bosporan kingdom : Sauromates II El stater
Bosporan kingdom, the history of, roughly 297 BC - 375 AD.
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Ptolemaic Coinage

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Wild Winds

Ex Numis (Provenances)

Roman Ancient Links

Historia Numorum
Republican Aes Grave Coinage
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Roman Nummi (folli) of the Late 3rd - Early 4th Century

Another thread on the same forum illustrates the history of the Tetrarchy nicely:
Diocletian: Two Interesting Coins and a Legacy of Reform

Julian the Philosopher,
aka the Apostate

Taking the bull by the horns

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Historia Numorum

Wild Winds

Ex Numis (Provenances)
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