Coins of the Year of the Four Emperors, 69 AD

This a Civil War era after the death of Nero

The background image is the Roman Forum, where Galba was killed

Rome Julio-Claudian Dynasty
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Galba denarius
issued 69 AD     Exf condition
Obv: Portrait of  Galba

(Harlan Burke, fixed price list)
This is a particularly well struck example. I bought it from HJ Burke around 1989 and always thought I paid too much for it. Recently I sent this in to Ex-Numisand of ten coins they found one provenance. It turns out HJ Burke bought this at a CNG auction early in 1989 & then put it in his fixed price list later that same year for about 10% more. This is a very acceptable markup for a coin dealer to make; unlike US dealers who used to mark their coins up four fold.

Of Galba it has been written that 'he would have been thought the most able to rule, had he not actually put his hand to it.'

When his sedan chair carriers heard a calvary troop coming for him they dropped his chair and he fell in the forum. Then he was killed.

Otho aureus (nice VF)
possibly issued late March - early April 69 AD
(Stack's auction, summer 2004, lot #20)
The victory (reverse) may represent Otho's hopes for a victory against Vitellius who he marched out to fight in mid-April. Also there is another interpretation put forth in the book: "69 AD".

I believe that the lack of "wig detail" on Otho's head is due to this type not having the strong wig features that the other more common Otho type has. The face & other features are in good relief, not having much wear.

Otho 69 AD (January - April) Otho was the a friend of Nero and declared himself emperor after Galba appointed another person (Piso) to be his sucessor. He was the 1st emperor who attained his position by having his predecessor killed.  He is one of those characters that is quite controversal: having done some evil and some commendable deeds.

When Otho lost the battle of Cremona, he comitted suicide, thus trying to spare Rome from any more Civil War.

Vitellius Actually awaiting coin: I'd like to get a sestersius of him.

silver tetradrachm 69 - 70 AD
issued in Antioch, Capital of the Roman Province of Syria

Heritage Auctions, Jan 2011
This coin is duplicated on the Flavian page
Rome Julio-Claudian Dynasty
Rome Flavian Dynasty
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