Coins of the Flavian Dynasty

These are coins of the Flavian family (Vespasian & his 2 sons)

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Rome: Year of the 4 Emperors
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silver tetradrachm 69 - 70 AD
issued in Antioch, Capital of the Roman Province of Syria
Heritage Auctions Jan 2011
This is a Roman Provincial tetradrachma or 4-drachm piece, issued in the Roman province of Syria in the city of Antioch (just north of Lebanon in present day Turkey).    Vespasian was an important Roman senator,  however, he had the misfortune of falling asleep during one of the Emperor Nero’s poetry recitals.  Whether as punishment or despite that fact, the next year he was sent from Rome to the East to put down the Jewish rebellion.  While he was away Nero was sentenced to death by the Roman senate and committed suicide.  In the ensuing fracas Vespasian somehow was proclaimed Emperor and ruled for 10 years (69 to 79 AD).  Vespasian is known as one of the good Emperors, coming from a humble background and said to be very down to earth.  He was also very fiscally conservative and once was pelted with turnips by the people for his extreme financial rigour. 
Vespasian 69 - 79 AD This coin was struck in the 2nd year of his reign, 69 or 70 AD and shows a very accurate portrait of the Emperor.  This is because he was actually in the region putting down the Jewish revolt soon before this coin was struck.    weight approx 15 g


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Older son of Vespasian
Titus  79 - 81 AD   While I don't have any specific coins of Titus he can be viewed on the reverse of the above tetradrachm.

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Younger son of Vespasian
Domitian was Caesar from 81 - 96 AD.

Rome: Year of the 4 Emperors
Rome: Adoptive Emperors
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