[blog_category_entry title=”Ancient & Roman Coins Test” link=”” description=”This deals with coins of Ancient Empires, Greece and Rome. Basically every thing up until 476 AD.”]

[blog_category_entry title=”Latin American Coins” link=”” description=”This deals with coins of the Independent Countries of Latin America & Brazil. This is the era from 1810 to present. I particularly like the early coins, usually struck with more individualistic hand engraved dies. These tend to stop around 1860. There are a few Spanish Colonial coins, at present entirely from the Vice Royalty of New Spain with it’s mint at Mexico City.”]

[blog_category_entry title=”Other Coins” link=”” description=”While all coins have a story to tell, I cannot afford to study and write about all coins. However, when I was younger I would read about all types of coins. This section is for talking about coins other than Latin America & Ancients.”]

[blog_category_entry title=”Sales, Auctions, and Miscellaneous” link=”” description=”Where to find coins. This discusses upcoming and past sales, auction firms, coin dealers, and other things other than the coins themselves.”]

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