Coins of the English Civil War

A few English coins of their Civil War period.

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England, Charles I
Oxford silver pound, 1642

(the Rye Collection)

NGC, VF details due to an old cleaning. No apparent hairlines tho the color is a bit off. The dent at the King's horse is an "as-made" flan flaw. I have been unable to find any reference or provinence to the Rye Collection

A neat English coin website"
A history behind the 1703 series: now dead

England, Oliver Cromwell
Lord Protector half crown, 1658

(Karl Stephens)

coin comments

Technically this is not an English Civil War period issue. The Civil War had largely ended by 1645 and the King, Charles I, was beheaded in 1649. However, Oliver Cromwell is so connected to the history of the period that I've decided to include one of his coins here. Technically these were coins of the Commonwealth, however near Cromwell's death in 1658 a few coins were issued dated 1656 and 1658. The '56 issues appear to be quite uncommon. These appear to be more than just patterns with some, particularly the shillings, showing evidence of extensive circulation.

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